SORTING SYSTEM ON TAPE AND GLASS DISK FOR MECHANICAL SMALL PARTS It integrates the inspection on tape and glass disc in a single mechanism/electronics.It allows you to check parts of even very different geometries on the same system. On Tape: screws, studs, pins, shafts etc. On Disc: washers, nuts, bushings, blanks, fittings, plugs, short screws […]


FILING FOR DIAMETERS/LENGHTS OF ROLLERS AND BALLS The system allows high speed measurement and sorting of pins, needles and balls. The control is carried out starting from a contact measurement (sub-micron repeatability) The accuracy of the measurement allows the product to be divided into classes of 1-2 microns. It is possible to measure both diameters […]


ROTARY TABLE SORTING SYSTEM FOR SCREW AND BOLTS Loading of the pieces with circular vibrator, double roller pre-selection, inclined guide and control on the rotary table. Control with three high-precision cameras. Use of piece-holding disks with different number of notches according to the size of the pieces (optimizing cadence). Continuous and indexed operation: in this […]


OPTICAL SORTING SYSTEM FOR FASTENERS ON LINEAR FEEDER Pacing and anti mix inspection on linear feeder of pieces hanging by the head.Interface to the production line. Rate up to 200 pcs/min.


BELT SYSTEM FOR ORIENTATION BY OPTICAL WAY Applicable to pieces that are not easily orientable mechanically (see studs), with direct return to the bowl feeder.Immediate size change (not optical setting is required). Rate up to 300 pcs/min


PIECE LOADING SYSTEM FROM BELT WITH ROBOT To be used as a loading system upstream of the sorting systems (e.g. DGTURN, DGALL) or on third part systemsRandom incoming pieces from hopper + flat belt Camera Recognition (in multiple piece presentations) Pickup and possible rotation for unloading on the selection systemAvailable versions with Anthropomorphic Robot, SCARA, […]


OPTICAL SORTING SYSTEM FOR MECHANICAL SMALL PARTS WITH 360° ROTATION Control carried out with 2 cameras: for internal and external dimensiones. 360° check for chip presence, off axis, cross holes, partial dents, burrs, etc. Angular resolution / variable analysis time. Rate up to 1,000 pcs/h. Pieces loading from vibrating feeder or from Robot.


SAMPLE MEASURING STATION WITH PIECE ROTATION DGSPC-R2 measuring station with two cameras and rotation. For fittings, screws, bushings, washers, turned and molded parts. Integrate measurements from external tools to complete the automatic measurements. Control with two cameras for external and internal dimensions, internal holes (including blind and transversal), diameters, heights, presence of burrs, quality of […]


SAMPLE MEASURING STATION FOR SPC For pins, plugs, screws, studs, bushings, washers, fittings.. Immediate measures Integrate measurements from external tools to complete the automatic measurements Camera control of the external dimensions for different types of pieces (supported, in glass V, hanging…) The system allows you to monitor up to 16 production machines in parallel, each […]